gallery ​Product Review: Novelina Skincare Line

I was introduce with this new product along with other sponsors when I attended the annual christmas party for the first time of the Filipino Bloggers Network

Also, this is my first time for a product review, so let me share to you my honest review.

Let me start with, Novelina’s Ultra Lightening Soap and Pollution Shield. It has Gluthatione  and Tres blanche, Snail Serum, Aloe, Broccoli and Citrus (Antioxidant and whitening ingredients)

I first started using the soap on my face, after washing you can instantly feel the tightening and the clean feel on your face. Make sure to put moisturizer after.

As for my body, It’s not my first time to use a whitening soap specially after summer to even-tone my skin. But usually I encounter with soap with whitening ingredients was it gives me “chicken skin” right after I use them.  But with Novelina it DIDN’T happen so that’s a good thing for me. 

Again, dont forget to put lotion because soap with powerful whitening ingredients tends to dry your skin.

It cost P 79.00 (135g)

Next is the Novelina’s Instant Lightening Lotion and Polution Shield. 

It has the same ingredients with the Ultra Lightening Soap.  It’s SPF25 for UVA & UVB protection.

What I like about this product is the Non-Sticky feel but I think it needs to improve its moisturizing content for a better result.

You’d be the judge how instant it is.

No Filter

Cost P 199.00 (200ml)

And, lastly Novelina’s High-Potency Anti-Aging Cream. 

It contains Anti-Aging ingredients Collagen and Snail Serum, Aloe, Broccoli and Citrus and its also SPF 15 for optimum UVA & UVB protection

It has the powder finish like the instant lightening lotion, it just take time to absorb. 

Cost P 399.00 (100ml)

All in all with a little improvement, it can compete with other existing whitening products in the market.

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