gallery Hair Care: Rinsing Vinegar

Hair is said to be womens “Crowning Glory” and I’m thankful I have a beautiful and maintenance free hair.
That being said, doesn’t mean you should take care of it less.
I love trying products every now and then to know whats good for me.

I’ve never heard of Rinsing Vinegar until I saw this one at the shop.

So, I got curious and ask about the product.

She said its for the hair, to remove residues of shampoo and conditioner and give more shiny effect.

I went really?? and bought one.. Hehehe since its on sale and Botanical ingredients then I should give it a try.

The next day I tried it right away… After washing my hair with my shampoo and conditioner pour some amount or if you have empty spray bottle spray all over your hair and let it stay for a minute or two then rinse thoroughly.

Ended up my day with my hair looking like this ☺

NOTE: Should NOT be use daily. Doesn’t smell vinegar.



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