gallery Sticky Bottle: How to remove stickers on your bottle

I like recycling bottles, I use them to put condiments and other stuff.

Let me share to you how to easily remove stickers and labels on that bottle without a sweat.

You will only need the following.

1. Hot water

2. Gloves

3. Oil (used cooking oil/baby oil you can even use petrolium jelly)

4. Dishwashing Liquid.

Fill in your bottle with hot water, doesn’t have to be full. Cap it for 2 minutes to warm the entire bottle.

While it is still warm, gently peel the sticker

After you remove the stickers, you will notice some residues of the glue and paper (don’t wash it of yet), Rub some oil to remove them. I suggest you use your hands so you can feel where are the parts that has still glue in it.

Then finally, using dishwashing liquid wash your bottle to remove the oil.

Happy recycling.

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